Artsplosure – Raleigh, North Carolina

I visited the Artsplosure office to speak to Artsplosure’s Marketing Manager, Jennie Lanning. She provided a sneak preview into the 36th Annual Raleigh Arts Festival. The Festival is May 15-17 in Downtown Raleigh.

“Artsplosure is Raleigh’s nonprofit art and cultural events production studio. We are curators, collaborators and risk-takers dedicated to fulfilling our mission of bringing rich cultural experiences to the community we serve. With each of our events, we hope to inspire and entertain, inform and celebrate, create and share.” (

“Spring 2015: May 15-17
This year, we will celebrate the 36th anniversary of Artsplosure – the Raleigh Arts Festival! Since its inception in 1980, the spring festival has entertained and inspired hundreds of thousands of people, introducing them to underrepresented artists and performances. Every aspect of the festival is curated with an eye toward presenting quality art – and a healthy dose of the unexpected. The festival balances critically acclaimed national artists with some of North Carolina’s best performing and visual artists. The result is an eccentric mix of artistic expression, undoubtedly with something that appeals to everyone.” (